Lighter Weights Help Developing Muscles Better

Lighter Weights Help Developing Muscles BetterIt has been recently revealed in a report that if one wants to have a perfectly toned body like that of Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone, they should opt for lifting lighter weights. A new study has revealed that lighter weights tend to benefit people more in muscle building in the long run.

This has been revealed according to a study done by a team from the McMaster University in Canada. They are of the view that resistance and stamina can be developed well with these lighter weights. This is because one wouldn’t tend to get very tired while working out the entire body at the same time. There is need for efforts to be made by athletes to focus on how they can build their bodies to perform better in the long run. Heavier weights might help one in developing muscles but one doesn’t have the required stamina for the same after a long time. This is why there is need for one and all to work out in small portions to develop an overall healthy and balanced body.

""There is nothing magical about heavy weights beyond the fact that they make you work hard However, certain conditions may preclude an individual to train with heavy weights, such as the frail elderly, , or maybe no access to heavier training weights”, said Nicholas Burd, PhD, of Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

It remains to be seen how this sensible way of developing muscles is used by people who want to have the great six pack abs in the time to come. This shall be able top help them in making a healthy and fit body which is free from any type of artificial steroids to develop muscles.


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