Irish Properties to Be Soon Installed With Water Meters

Irish Properties to Be Soon Installed With Water MetersAs per recent findings, it has been reported that demand for installation of water meters on every home in Dublin has been raised by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan.

However, last week Dublin city’s Head of Water Services Tom Leahy in a statement asserted that almost one-third of the houses in the city are not suitable for installation of meters, so they are adjured to pay a flat charge for the water bills.

The reason stated behind the unsuitability of the houses is that these houses either share the supply pipelines or their main pipeline is connected to the backyards.

Hence, it has been declared that they will have to pay a fixed charge. Moreover, even Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has stated that he abides by the sayings of Mr. Leahy.

However, he asserted that only 20% of the houses would be affected by the above mentioned statement, instead of the one-third taken into account by Mr. Leahy.

However, Mr. Hogan has warned that the statement let out by Mr. Leahy is incorrect and officials of environment department have subjected that the water meters can be installed on every house. He stated that he has no clues as to why Mr. Leahy gave out such a statement.

He said, “His officials had examined the potential for meters in all local authority areas over a 10-month period. We have come to a different conclusion to Mr. Leahy. In the initial phase we expect to have 85% of the country metered”.

He demonstrated that Irish water will be assisting the local governments in their work, so that the installation of the meters is done as quickly as possible and even majority of properties are installed with the meters soon.


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