Faulty Hip Implant Cases Witness a Rise

Faulty Hip Implant Cases Witness a RiseIt has been recently revealed in a report that there is growing number of cases of faulty hip implants these days. For this, there is a lawsuit being filed against John and Johnson, the maker firm for these implants. More than 1,000 patients have complained about faulty hip implants and this is becoming a growing reason for concern slowly.

There is need for a major recall to be made in these faulty implants so that the patents don’t have to suffer anymore at the hands of these faulty implants in the time to come. The firm shall have to face the brunt of the losses incurred by a number of people due to the use of faulty and cheap material in their products.

There is need for a firm research to be conducted on the matter to find out whose fault it really is and why the people have to suffer at the hands of these faulty implants these days. There is need for the authorities to take a firm stand on the matter so that it can be determined whether there can be something done for the effective repayment of the losses of these patents.

There are many who are left jobless and their lives distraught after they were fitted with these faulty implants. This is because they could not walk and go about their daily activities as usual anymore. This is a major liability for the patients and the health authorities need to make sure that such cases don’t occur in the future. There is need for care to be taken about the patients who are suffering from these faulty implants and they need to be given effective replacements for the same in the time to come.


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