New Zealand Women Warned Of PIP Breast Implants

New Zealand Women Warned Of PIP Breast ImplantsA report put forth by plastic surgeons has raised concerns and warned New Zealand women who had breast implants. As per the recent reports, it has been suggested that the cases of women who had PIP type of breast implant account for a very few number in New Zealand, which were earlier thought to be none.

However, PIP breast implants were a major concern raised overseas, reason being that it was acknowledged that the implants were filled with a local standard silicone gel, which posed high risk of rupture and leakage. As a consequence, France banned the implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prosthese.

The New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons stated that when the issue of PIP was raised, at that time, they were not used in country. But the latest reports put forth by them recommend that PIP has been imported privately and implanted.

President Howard Klein asserted that they are carrying out investigations to acknowledge the surgeons who have used it, but so far, they just have been able to find out that a retired surgeon implanted 12 of such kinds.

Moreover, he said, “The PIP implants were imported from Australia and used here between 2003 and 2006. He believes they contained a different fill and not the industrial grade silicone found to have been used in France from approximately 2001”.

But still, he has warned all the women who had breast implants during the above mentioned years to consult a surgeon as soon as possible, to know the type of implant and also find out, if that would raise any concerns.

However, the Health Ministry has declared that the issue is not to be panicked about, but it needs to be dealt carefully, as there are no evidences, yet which prove the substance to be toxic.


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