Stringent Measures Needed To Avoid Cases Like Ash Court Scandal

Ash-Court-ScandalCare homes have been under a cloud of contention ever since scandals came out of ill treatment among their residents. Cases like Ash Court Car Centre in north London have shattered the image of these care homes. There has been a dire need of proper staff at these care home needed so that adequate care can be provided to its residents. Ash Court Care center usually deals with people with dementia and the Panaroma’s film clearly depicts the atrocity that its residents had to suffer.

After looking at the things that the already suffering Alzheimer’s patients had to go through, there are many other people in various care homes that have been alarmed. But they have also felt very grateful that they had a good staff which was well trained to look after them. The main motive of care homes is to provide the essential care that these elderly people require. The quality of the staff is a vital thing as their work requires extreme patience.

Alzheimer’s suffers need extra attention as they need help for even simple day to day things, which is why the staff needs to be extra vigilant. The staff at Ash Court had obviously been carelessly chosen and did not have adequate training, was probably underpaid and was unsupervised. It is a deadly combination when combined with patients who are quiet helpless to even take care to themselves or even complain.

It is usually seen that most care homes tend to put the cost of running the facility as low as possible by not putting much efforts in training or providing proper staff. It is very easy to put up a good front by showing glossy prospectus and selected rooms, but the main thing is the backend service that the staff provides which is often not highlighted.