Surgery: Novel Method to Treat Sleep Problem

 Novel Method to Treat Sleep ProblemAbout 16% Indians suffers from sleep disorders, revealed official figures. In addition, it has also been found that some five to 10 years ago, sleep disorder was not considered as a disease in India.

It is only couple of years that it is said to be a serious problem as more people are complaining about their disturbing sleep patterns. A lot of traditional methods are available to treat the problem like drugs and therapies.

A new way has come to treat the problem and that is surgery. People, who suffer from it at maximum level are said to undergo surgery. Surgery is a method, which is still evolving in India. However, it is quite in vogue in western countries.

Dr. Magne Tvinnereim from Norway, who is owner of Eurosleep, a network of 15 hospitals, which treats this problem, was of the view that India should also start thinking about surgery quite seriously. He further affirmed that not every sleep apnoea patient needs to undergo surgery. Only those, who have been suffering from severe complications, should undergo this method.

As otherwise there are many conventional methods available like CPAP (continuous position airway pressure). It is a device, which is fixed on the face as a mask and it ensures that a person is able to get needed amount of oxygen. There are other ways as well like mandibular devices and oral appliance therapy.

“Being a developing nation, the economic costs of medical treatment had always assumed significance for India.... We hope to set up about 20-30 such sleep clinics in India over next one year”, said Mohan Nair, who is head of Eurosleep Asia. It is said that they will besetting their first clinic in Mumbai.


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