Need For More Awareness about Immunization

Need For More Awareness about ImmunizationIt has been recently revealed in a report that it is the global world immunization week, from the 23rd to 29th April. There is need for one and all to come forward and be a part of this drive, which shall help people realize the need for proper immunization angst diseases. These diseases that can be prevented should be, with the help of effective vaccinations.

The WHO is going to work towards spreading the message far and wide across the world, so that more and more people can come and be a part of this awareness drive. The immunizations rates have risen in the entire world ad there are more and more people getting to know the fact that preventing the disease is better than cure. This is especially working for the benefit of children, because they are usually weak and prone to diseases.

"Over the past year we've been to most towns across the Waikato and each time we get great response from parents or caregivers bringing their little people to our van”, said the DHB's Population Health Assistant Group Manager, Clare Coles.

However, what is done isn’t enough and there is need for more awareness to be spread in the world about the need for getting vaccinated against diseases. The people need to understand the important of getting these disease preventing vaccines at the right time, so that they don’t fall prey to a host of diseases and infections in the time to come.

It remains to e seen how well this program works and how many people get themselves and their families vaccinated against diseases in the time to come. It is never too late to wake up and get vaccination and this needs to be taught t a number of people in the world in the time to come.


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