Negative Attitude Exaggerates Back Pain

Negative Attitude Exaggerates Back PainWhile there is no doubt that positive attitude can make things a lot better in one’s life, a recent study has claimed that there is association between positive attitude and occurrence of back pain. Though nothing as of the relation between the two is confirmed, it is believed that those who are positive attitude towards their life are more likely to shove off the risk of back pain.

For the research, Associate Professor Markus Melloh, who is an orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologist, along with the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research and The University of Western Australia interviewed 315 patients, who had consulted their GPs after they faced back pain for the first time. They were questioned further after six and 12 weeks, and six months after the first meeting.

All those who crib about their back pain consistently were more likely to develop sustained back pain for a long time. There is need for people to develop an attitude which can make their life a lot better in terms of both mental as well as physical development.

"Therapies to address the way patients think about their condition should be considered as early extra treatment for lower back pain for people who appear to be at risk of developing a persistent condition”, said Associate Professor Melloh, who is of the view that all those who blame their working nature for their pain must make efforts to change things before they become worst.

There is need for people to find a way out for themselves from the monotonous and sedentary work style else they would have to suffer from some or the other problem. A minor adjustment in their work style can make them develop a positive attitude towards their life else they would keep chanting about their woes all the time.


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