Alzheimer’s Rates to Increase In The Future

Alzheimer’s Rates to Increase In The FutureIt has been recently revealed that according to the figures given by the Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, project Greater Dandenong, there is soon going to be a rise in the number of Alzheimer’s cases in the vicinity in the time to come. They are of the view that the rates shall go much higher in the next 40 years and there are soon going to be many more patients of dementia the authorities are going to have to deal with in the near future.

The growth in population has resulted in the growth of ageing population as well and this is one of the reasons for the rise in number of case of the disease in the future. The need for the hour is to help in the reduction of these cases. This has to be done with the help of spreading effective awareness about the disease and the preventive measures, which are a few, but will definitely tend to make the probability of one getting the disease slightly bleaker. There is also need for making proper arrangements or the patients suffering from the disease in the time to come. There is need for efforts to be made to help the patients lead a better life, in a controlled place.

“It will be a very considerable cost issue for society ... until we work out a way of caring for people more cheaply and find ways of preventing or diverting dementia”, said Prof. David Ames, the Director of Parkville’s National Ageing Research Institute.

The statistics can be controlled only when the patients are given proper care and treatment for making it easier for them to live with the disease. It remains to be seen how this can be done with continuous efforts of the authorities.


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