Be Realistic About Life and Death

Be Realistic About Life and DeathIt has been revealed in a recent report that if one tends to have thoughts about mortality, it might be good for their health. As strange as it might sound, it is a fact. It has been revealed that believing that one’s life is a short time and one has to make the most of the time they have, is a good thing.

This means that if one tends to set realistic goals in life, keeping in mind the fact that one shall die, at a certain age, they tend to do better in their life. One works better towards keeping healthy if they sort of fear growing old.

They groom themselves better and take good care of their health in the long run. “There has been very little integrative understanding of how subtle, day-to-day, death awareness might be capable of motivating attitudes and behaviors that can minimize harm to oneself and others, and can promote well-being”, said Kenneth Vail of the University of Missouri, the lead author of the study.

It was further said that there is a positive side to the existence of mortality and if one tends to keep this in mind, and work towards building the most out of life in the given time, they shall be able to do better in life.

For the same, there was a research done on people from different social groups of the community. It was found that those people who live for the moment and keep in mind the fact that life has to end some day, do better in life.

This might be able to help people in developing more positive personality and a better outlook towards life, in the time to come.


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