New Zealand Govt Aims At Introducing Laws to Roll Out Cigarettes in Plain Packages

Plain-PackagesIt has been revealed that the New Zealand's Associate Health Minister, Tariana Turia, has raised concern over the deaths related to smoking every year. It has been estimated that every year in New Zealand approximately 5,000 people lose their lives due to smoking.

She emphasized that she examined the efforts put forth by the Australian government to ban the process, by suspending a legislation that aims at rolling out of the cigarettes in plain packaging.

However, the legislation was challenged by the tobacco industry of Australia in courts. But the present reports revealed that the challenge has been set aside by the High Court.

She asserted that she would even want to introduce such legislation in the country, but she exclaimed that such a step taken would surely receive a violent opposition from the tobacco industry.

However, she asserted that she would be further, putting forth the proposal in front of the constituency for a wider discussion. She affirmed that act has been agreed in principle, but they will be taking some time to introduce such an act, so that meanwhile, they can get the full support.

She asserted that the support is necessary so that when we introduce such a law, it doesn’t face much of the problems.

Moreover, she exaggerated that the introduction of the law at present would surely be challenged by the tobacco companies. Nevertheless, the companies have already in a way threatened to challenge the decision.

She said, “So while we know that the tobacco industry has got deep pockets and is finding all sorts of ways to challenge plain packaging under domestic and international law, we also believe that we actually have a very good case”.

At present, the findings suggest that the government wants to implement the decision, soon to improve the health of the public.


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