New Marine Park to Be Constructed This Year

New Marine Park to Be Constructed This YearIt has been reported that the new marine park located in the Kimberley coast would be used to protect the whales. The announcement was made today by the Premier Colin Barnett and Environment Minister Bill Marmion.

It has been informed that the new park would be created by the mid of 2012. It would cover an area of 7000 square kilometers. However, Conservation group Environs Kimberley has warned that the marine life is at the stake as the industrial port for oil and gas refineries at James Price Point are still in motion.

But, it is believed that the construction of the park would secure innocent marine lives. The Director of Environs Kimberley, Martin Pritchard, was reported as saying, "If an industrial port is built at James Price Point for the gas then Humpback mothers and calves will be at extreme risk form the thousands of vessels that would be exporting gas and servicing the port".

It has been informed that an amount of $10 million would be invested by the government over a period of four years. The money thus funded would be utilized towards securing the lives of whales. It is hoped that the plans of the government would prove fruitful in securing the whales from the devastating industrial movement.


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