Antibiotic Resistance Campaign Soon to be Launched in Australia, Announces NPS

Antibiotic Resistance Campaign Soon to be Launched in Australia, Announces NPS"Excess of everything is bad". Medicines and antibiotics also if taken in large quantities then stop offering the desired results. And this is something that can cause severe results to human health.

It has been revealed by the World Health organization that Australians take over doses of antibiotics to fight against bacterial infection. And this has finally contributed to a crisis in the country.

According to the data of National Prescribing Service (NPS), in last 10 years, 15% more cases have been recorded where bacterial infections have been found to be resistant to antibiotics. In 2000, such proportions were 10% whereas in 2010, these have been recorded as 25%. The occurrences of community attained drug-resistant bacteria have more than doubled here.

Considering these facts, it has been warned by the NPS clinical adviser Dr. Philippa Binns today that if a similar trend goes on then by 2030, no effective treatments for wide ranging illnesses like tonsillitis and pneumonia will be available. He added, "Every year thousands of prescriptions are written for antibiotics for conditions where they have no impact. If we stop taking antibiotics as directed we allow the more resistant ones to grow up and multiply".

Binns also said that Australia is one such country where people misuse the antibiotics in the worst manner. This has been clearly proved with the existence of unique damages caused by highly violent, destructive and transmissible bacteria in Australian communities. One such example is Golden Staph becoming "smarter".

Well, there is good news now! Aiming to halt the misuse of antibiotics in the country, the NPS has finally decided to launch an antibiotic resistance campaign here. And it expects to generate more and more awareness about antibiotics and its defects among people.


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