Mining Industry to Conduct Quick Review

Mining Industry to Conduct Quick ReviewIt has been recently revealed in a report that there is soon going to be short inquiry done on how much tie the workers need to work in a day. This meeting shall be held in Perth and it shall determine whether there are any changes required in the roster formats of the workers. They need to decide on whether the time they are spending away from their families is well utilized.

"Having a two week on two week off roster would be the absolute optimum result but some of them say, 'hang on, we want to work four weeks because we want to earn , so the best solution would to be offer flexibility and options”, said The founder of the FIFO Families Network, Nicole Ashby.

There is need for a thorough investigation to be done on the matter to find a suitable middle ay in this situation the roster times must be good enough for the authorities well as the workers. Then there is another major issue of concern. It is that the female workers here are worried about their safety at times and this might be one of the reasons why they tend to be reluctant about working here. Alcohol consumption also is a matter of concern. This is why there is a dire need for the pointers to be thought over carefully, so that a proper decision can be made which works for the benefit of one and all.

The industry is full of calculated risks and this is why there is need for plans to be made for the appropriate safety and security of the workers in this situation


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