A Gel That Can Boost Male Sperm Fertility

Sperm-FertilityMale fertility has not got any attention as most of the treatments have been female centric. The most treatments that are available in the market require women to take medication or undergo expensive and invasive procedures.

Couples who are undergoing troubles trying to conceive naturally now would have a sigh of relief as scientists have discovered a compound that boosts the swimming ability of the sperm cells. This would open a new way for the couples to get pregnant as in earlier cases the treatment was only restricted to artificial insemination.

According to Jackson Kirkman-Brown, senior lecturer in reproductive biology at the University of Birmingham and the Director of the Centre for Human Reproductive Science, Birmingham, “The majority of these artificial inseminations involve doing something quite invasive to the woman, often even though she may be perfectly healthy. If you can give the man's sperm a little more boost, you could help fertility in a far less invasive way and it would be far cheaper".

The compound that they have discovered basically helps a sperm swim through cervical mucus. This means that it becomes easy for the sperm to reach the uterus, which eventually increases the chances of a couple getting pregnant. This would also be less costly as compared to IVF that costs thousands of pounds. Moreover there would not be any side effects as in other cases which require women to take powerful medication and undergo invasive procedures to extract and implant eggs.

Till date there are only 33% cases that are due to female fertility problems, while in rest of the cases it is just the male fertility that is in question. With this latest discovery getting pregnant would become easy for all those that have been having difficulties.


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