Gene Variant That Favors Intelligence Discovered

Gene Variant That Favors Intelligence DiscoveredAfter the discovery of genes for niceness, a new study has proposed that the genes responsible for intelligence of a person have been acknowledged.

The researchers of the study, while studying the genetic makeup related to brain diseases, came across a very minute variant in a gene called HMGA2 among people who posses' superior brains. The researchers analyzed the brain scans and DNA samples from approximately 20,000 people from North America, Europe and Australia, of European ancestry.

Further, it was illustrated by the authors of the study that a single modification or alteration the gene variant can actually favor higher intelligence in a person.

In order to further understand the genetic makeup, it should be well acknowledged that the DNA majorly comprises or is made up of four basic nucleotides: A (for adenine), C (cytosine), T (thymine) and G (guanine). These nucleotides bind with each other in different combinations to form a double helix pattern.

The researchers of the study have suggested that even a small change in the combination of the four nucleotides can bring out a large difference.

Study Leader Paul Thompson, a Neurologist at the University of California at Los Angeles said, "People with a double C and no T in a specific section of the HMGA2 gene had bigger brains on average".

The findings of the study demonstrated that out of the 20,000 people analyzed, about a quarter of them had superior brains than the rest of the populations. As a consequence, they were able to score much higher than the rest in the standardized IQ tests.

He emphasized that the difference was too minute but the after results in the genetic code, made a big difference in the levels of intelligence. However, it has been declared that further studies in this context can help find out more of such gene variants that favor intelligence.


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