Ronald McDonald Family Room - A Home Away from Home

Ronald McDonald Family Room - A Home Away from HomeThe new Ronald McDonald Family Room at Credit Valley Hospital (CVH) feels like a home away from home for all the parents of the critically ill newborns. It is the first room to open inside a hospital in the greater Toronto area. Made with the collaboration between the hospital, RMH Toronto and RMH Charities Canada it offers a lot of support to people like Lenie Javier who is a mother of two.

Speaking at the event, she described the comfort and relive that the home-like space brought to her. Her daughter was born prematurely in a critical condition. She looks like six weeks old in fact although she is five months old. She came to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital on the first date the room was inaugurated. She recalled the month that she spend at the hospital terming that she didn't feels as if she was at a hospital, but at home. According to her this is what all mothers require at the difficult time they undergo such procedures. It is the calmness and the smoothness of the surrounding that help you relax rather than those beeping sounds as if you were in some lab.

Alison Quigley, CVH patient care program Director, described Javier as the inaugural parent of the Ronald McDonald Family Room. The room is equipped with a kitchenette, lounge area with television, four sleeping areas and a shower facility. Before the room was opened the parents had to go through a lot of ordeal by camping outside NICU as they can't leave their babies in a critical condition and go back to their respective homes. This facility not only provides ease to the parents but a sense of calmness.


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