Reliability of PSA Test Questioned

Reliability of PSA Test QuestionedProstate cancer is the biggest killer in Australia and has taken the lives of 3,500 people every year. In that scenario, there is great value of the Prostate Specific Antigen Test in the country. However, there are experts, who question the efficacy of the test.

The question was raised at the time when the South Australian community of Port Lincoln is going to start its Prostate Cancer testing drive. The people, who have been saved from the cancer due to test and others who have felt the efficacy of the test, are determined to take the test, despite experts concern.

It seems that the whole lot of people has divided into two groups, in which one of the groups consists of doctors and experts, who have no trust on the test and are looking for reliable method to detect prostate cancer.

On the other side, there is a second group which consists of experts and general population, who have had narrow escape from the cancer due to the test.

One of the believers of the test is Adelaide-based accountant Anthony Foundas. He said that he was diagnosed with the cancer at the time when he was 42 years old. Foundas got cancer due to family history and said that he trusts the 10-minute blood test completely.

"So I have no qualms in telling, and I do tell, my friends, 'hey guys I've had prostate cancer. You should be getting yourself checked at least every 12 months", said Foundas.

The Cancer Council of Australia CEO, Professor Ian Olver, said that there are many people, who blindly trust on the test. However, some studies have been conducted, which have concluded that the test is not that affective as it is thought to be.


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