3 Children in Queensland Diagnosed with Meningococcal Disease

3 Children in Queensland Diagnosed with Meningococcal DiseaseThe Queensland Health has reported that three children in Gladstone have been diagnosed with meningococcal disease. The authorities said that they are investigating all the three cases. It has been found that one in three children is quite serious and has been admitted in the Royal Children's Hospital.

However, other two children are out of danger, but their health has been constantly supervised in Rockhampton Hospital. The Public Health Physician, Dr. Sonya Bennett, said that the three cases are a strong indication for communities that meningococcal disease season is approaching.

It will be better for them that they should take all the possible precautions from the disease. If they feel even the slightest symptoms of the disease then they should contact their respective GPs.

"All close contacts of the cases have been identified by Queensland Health and offered antibiotics to clear the meningococcal bacteria from anyone who might be carrying it in their nose or throat and prevent them from passing it onto someone", said Bennett.

Bennett further affirmed that there are chances that staff and people, who were with children, might have developed symptoms for the disease. But there is nothing to worry as they have been closely looking into the matter and will makes sure that people susceptible to the disease gets antibiotics on time.

There is no reason to panic, as the disease is not highly infectious, said Queensland Health, which further affirmed that they are planning to announce public awareness campaign about the disease. Moreover, they will be looking to all those people, who are at risk of developing it.

The experts said that meningococcal disease starts spreading from the nose or throat, and gets passed on at the time when one sneezes or coughs.


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