Australia Witnesses Decline in Kidney Transplants

Australia Witnesses Decline in Kidney TransplantsAs per two studies being published in the journal, the Internal Medicine Journal of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, it has been found that kidney transplant waiting list in Australia is quite less in comparison to other western countries.

Studies have found that 18% of the Australians above 65 years are enrolled in the waiting list of kidney transplant. The percentage seems to be quite less in front of other countries like United Kingdom has 48% people in the waiting list, France has 49% waiting and the United States has 33% waiting list.

Professor Bruce Pussell from Sydney's Prince of Wales Hospital, who took out one of the two studies, was of the view that it is great news that Australia has less waiting times in comparison to other developed countries. However, it is needed that authorities concerned should check the reason for a wide variation in the percentage of people waiting for dialysis in states across the country.

The second reason of concern is that there has bone a rise in the number of dialysis, but a significant decline has been seen in last five years for kidney transplant. It has also been found that mortality rate of patients, who have undergone dialysis process has also declined.

Pussell said that one reason for variation among the states in the country can be, "Is it that the local kidney doctors are determining who should be on it and who shouldn't be on it and that determination varies from state to state according to their own judgments".

As per the second research, the percentage of dialysis has fallen from 33% in 2005 to 22% in 2009. It gives clear indication that a uniform system needs to be introduced in the country so that the dialysis rate does not differ greatly.


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