Fundraiser Concert to Be Held In Support Of Hélène

Fundraiser Concert to Be Held In Support Of HélèneA fundraiser in the name of "Band of Breath would be held in Ottawa to raise money for Hélene Campbell as she struggles to recover from her double lung transplant in the hospital. The concert is being organized by Chez 106 DJ "Woody" and Luc Langlois, who is 10th grade English teacher of Hélene.

Wodd, y who would be a part of the concert, was overwhelmed after he came to know about Hélene. He said, "This is a wonderful individual that is gaining notoriety for being selfless and I'm just here to help this thing be a success". The event would feature eight rock bands, raffles and auctions. There would also be an open invite to all those who would want to sign up as an organ donor.

She has become a lot popular in virtual sphere with her twitter handle @alungstory and website where she has been giving updates on her condition. Ever since then, she has been tweeting her procedure thanking everyone for the support. Her mother said that she is stable and making apt progress in her breathing and strength. Although, there is a long way to go in her complete recovery as she has shown positive sign since her surgery.


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