Chief Robert Louie Hopes To Build a Hospital for Medical Tourists

Chief Robert Louie Hopes To Build a Hospital for Medical TouristsIn order to cater to the needs of medical tourists from around the world, there would soon be a private hospital build. It has been expressed by Chief Robert Louie of the Westbank First Nation near Kelowna.

It was further told that from the past two year, the band has been trying to plan a private hospital facility, comprising of 100-bed, on an apt site on band land overlooking Okanagan Lake. However, there has been delay so far, due to the need of a partner for the $125 million project.

As of now, Louie is expecting to have a partner who can take the responsibility to build half of the centre.

"We've had discussions with Johns Hopkins [University], but nothing is concluded yet. Having them affiliated would lend instant credibility" he added further, while claiming that in this centre, patients would be given a nice bottle of wine before they go for their surgery, and even chefs would be appointed for preparing food.

Though it might be hard to say it as a hospital, he made it clear that it would offer traditional aboriginal healing practices like sweat lodges, spiritual ceremonies and burning sage. However, the provincial Health Ministry has refused to comment on the same as of now.


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