Campaign Aims At Raising Funds to Introduce New Technology for Cancer Patients

Campaign Aims At Raising Funds to Introduce New Technology for Cancer PatientsIt has been uncovered that a campaign has been launched to raise funds for the cancer research. As per the recent reports, it has been declared that the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation launched the campaign on Thursday.

It has been disclosed that the hospital aims at collecting a total of $1 billion over the next five years to help decline the mortality rates encountered due to cancer at present.

The officials of the foundation declared that the funds will be deployed to provide better and advanced services to those suffering from cancer. Moreover, it will help introduce the concept of personalized care.

Personalized care treatments include advanced technology to be introduced to treat cancer patients by decoding the cancer genes. The genetic makeup of the cancer patient is analyzed due to which a proper knowledge regarding the case can be obtained and hence, a proper treatment can be given with less of the side-effects.

In a case, where a man was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, was subjected to this treatment in 2011. However, he also underwent chemotherapy sessions, but no results were obtained in that case. But with this treatment, immediate results were obtained. Rather, within eight weeks of treatment, he almost started recovering.


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