No Side-Load Apps for RIM’s Blackberry PlayBook Tablet

No Side-Load Apps for RIM’s Blackberry PlayBook TabletThere is a bad news for all those who have recently purchased a RIM’s Blackberry PlayBook tablet. It has been confirmed by the Developer Relations VP Alec Saunders over the twitter that very soon, the side-load apps will be banned on this BlackBerry PlayBook. In coming times, RIM will not allow anybody to access this facility.

But why such a decision has been taken by the company? All fingers point towards the Android. As told by Saunders in a follow-up tweet, "Piracy is a huge problem for Android devs, and we don't want to duplicate the chaotic cesspool of Android Market".

Besides, he also mentioned that very soon, the company would also offer developers with a solution to checkout their Android-based apps on the BlackBerry tablet. All blackberry users have to purchase apps through the BlackBerry App World in a similar way like iOS users have to buy apps via Apple's App Store.

Not only the Google Play, but there exist a large number of markets available for Google's mobile platform along with former Android Market storefront that could be blamed for this chaotic drain. All these illegal markets offer duplicate copies of premium APKs which can be easily downloaded and installed on any Blackberry phone.


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