What is MRSA and How it Develops? Study Finds Out

What is MRSA and How it Develops? Study Finds OutRecently, in a study led by Irish scientists, MRSA infections are generally caught by patients with poor immune systems. MRSA infections refer to those infections that are acquired in the hospital premises. Bacteria exist everywhere; in air, on skin but they never cause problems in such conditions. But yes, if somehow they are allowed entering a human’s body, then they can potentially cause an infection.

Like, bacteria if gets stick onto the medical devices that are used to either operate or put into a human’s body, then they get admittance into the body, fighting back the skin’s barrier and forms biofilms there. These biofilms refer to such a group of bacteria that is imperishable and for removing them from the body, the only way is to take the device out and introduce a new one. This process could be quite risky and lethal for the patient.

The word MRSA refers to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and it has been derived from SA, Staphylococcus aureus. When this bacterium SA obtains resistance from various antibiotics, it develops into MRSA.

In this new study, the lead author Dr Jim O’Gara from UCD’s Conway Institute has mainly emphasized over SA and MRSA infections which are linked with medical devices used for being surgically entrenched in a laboratory model.


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