Fish Oil Might Not Be the Elixir of Healthy Heart

Fish Oil Might Not Be the Elixir of Healthy HeartThere has been an ongoing nutritional value battle on fish oil since a while now. A new research is of the view that Omega-3 fish oils aren’t going to help one if they already are affected by a heart disease. This raises potential questions on the benefit of the oil in general.

It was found that fish oils are nutritious and might tend to help in the prevention of heart diseases in a person. They however aren’t any use when a person is already suffering from a heart condition. What is further is that there might be negative effects of the same. It was said that once a person is already suffering from a heart disease, no matter what amount of fish oil is used; it is not going to help the person.

This however has raised questions on the fact that whether fish oil does any good at all to anyone.

It was in the 1970s, that there were tests conducted on Eskimos, and was inferred that due to their heavy marine diet, they have a low risk of heart diseases. This is why there is currently a need for more research to be done to find out whether there are factors other than fish oil that reflect on their health. It has been seen that eating the wrong food and having a sedentary lifestyle might raise the risk of heart diseases. This needs to be developed further before it can be found whether fish oils do play any sort of role in determining one’s heart heath in the long run.

“The fish oil story is still fishy .The question is, what do these relatively small doses of omega 3 fatty acids do? As this study shows they do nothing”, said Dr. Robert Eckel, a Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.


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