Diet Pill to Be Studied Further

Diet Pill to Be Studied FurtherThe revolutionary diet pill on the block has been put off for another three months before a decision can be taken on whether it can make it to the stands in the time to come. The Food and Drug Administration department is of the view that the diet pill developed by the firm Vivus shall be further reviewed for a period of three months.

The name of the drug is Qnexa and once the drug is out in the market, it might be one of the first pills ever that doctors could prescribe for weight loss. The target of passing the drug has been pushed forward to 17th of July. The FDA is of the view that this time is needed for further research and analysis of the drug to find out its true worth, so that it can benefit patients in the time to come.

It was earlier found that this drug can tend to have negative effects on pregnant women. It might tend to increase their heart rate which might in turn give trouble for the child. This is why there are going to be further tests done on the drug, to find out if it is absolutely safe and secure.

If it makes to the stands, the drug shall be one of its kinds. There are so many weight loss pills available in the world. But this might be the first one that a doctor shall prescribe one to eat.

“Additionally, a higher percentage of our first-quarter bookings were associated with professional services and support agreements that will be recognized as revenue in future periods”, said Harmonic’s Chief Executive Patrick Harshman recently.

It remains to be seen whether the health experts can allow this drug to make it to the market in the time to come or not.


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