Obese Mothers Might Lead To Autism in Children

Obese Mothers Might Lead To Autism in ChildrenIt has been recently revealed in a report that those women who are obese might tend to put their unborn kids at the risk of autism.

This is one of the many complications that tend to occur when women are fat. This has been revealed according to a study conducted. It was found that obese women are 67% more likely to put their babies to the risk of autism.

The research is of the view that overweight mothers have this sort of effect on their kids, whereas the women without hypertension of diabetes have a lower risk of the same. For the same, there was a study conducted on about 1000 children and it was found that development disorders in kids are likely to occur more, when the mothers are obese and unhealthy.

The research was done by Paula Krakowiak, a researcher with the University of California's Davis MIND Institute and she was of the view that though the obesity or diabetes were not the sole reason for autism, it was suggested by the studies that they tend to have a very negative impact on the health and development of the child. “Our finding that these maternal conditions may be linked with neurodevelopment problems in children raises concerns and therefore may have serious public health implications”, she said further.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and comp0licated time of a woman’s life. It’s her duty to take the best care and precautions for the sake of her child’s good health. She needs to be really careful about what she eats and how much she weighs, because it shall tend to have a direct effect the health and the growth and development of the baby.


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