Need For More Efforts in Dementia Care

Need For More Efforts in Dementia CareThe Alzheimer’s care society in Australia is currently facing a lot of problems and is not working well for the patients in need. This is because the organization isn’t able to help the one’s suffering from dementia in the country, and there is need for a complete overhauling to be done in the system soon. This is because the patients are given the best of care and health support and their health isn’t being benefitted by it.

The problem is that the number of patients affected by the disease is growing each year. The care facilities are however not enough for the people in need and the authorities aren’t fully able to help the ones in need

The day to day life of these patients is a constant struggle because of their forgetfulness. In the scenario they are in need of constant care ad support, which the organization isn’t fully capable of providing right now. There is need for efforts to be made for better efforts of counseling and referral services.

The right sort of support is a requisite in this condition, and if the patients cannot rely on the health leaders of the country, they have nowhere else to go. This is what makes it essential for one and all to make progressive steps towards providing improvised personal care to the patients suffering from dementia. They are in need for personal care and this calls for better staffing to be done towards this area. There is also need for better funding of the organization so that there can be better equipment and services provided to the patients in constant need of guidance and help.

“Across all 16 consultations, the overwhelming view of older Australians is that the aged care system is simply not meeting the needs of dementia sufferers and their families”, said the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler.


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