Microsoft’s Win over Apple and Google?

Microsoft’s Win over Apple and Google?It seems that a tight war is ongoing between Microsoft and Nokia, and both are struggling to make their own place in the competitive marketplace, say reports.

Here the competition is running between both the giant firms to give the best Windows Phone and the newest Lumia lineup to the market, which has made this practice far more alive with Microsoft since a big time acknowledging its hiring of mobile developers to help the company create such fantastic apps to feature in its Windows Phone platform.

Reports are confirming that Microsoft has paid a good amount of money to the developers i. e. somewhere between US$60,000 - US$600,000, to help the company build the latest apps, an amount that is very hard to be earned by developers on their own.

One such recent example talking about the contribution of Microsoft has been noted, which said that the makers of the popular Foursquare app have confirmed that the biggest helping hand in their building of the new version for Windows Phone is of Microsoft, without the help of which, the development was never thought and was almost impossible to achieve.

"We have very limited resources, and we have to put them toward the platforms with the biggest bang for our buck”, Mr. Holger Luedorf, Foursquare's Head of business development, told. "But we are a social network and it is incredibly important for us to be available on every platform”.

Such recent incentives are favoring Microsoft’s side against its dominant rivals like Apple or Google, and both are not paying developers any bugs to create special apps for their mobile landscapes.


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