Hope Changed Into Dismay

Hope Changed Into DismayIt is not a new thing in the US when doctors take some percentage of donor’s organ and transplant it to others. The success rate of the operation is also quite high, but there are some cases where donors have lost their lives as well as orphan receivers.

One of the persons, who have lost his life, was Paul, who gave 60% of his liver to his brother in law, Tim, who was suffering from advanced liver disease. Operation was taken out two years back with the reassurance of doctors that nothing will happen to Paul. However, nothing of such sort came true, and both the men, Paul and Tim lost their lives.

Paul’s wife Lorraine Hawks said that her sister Susie and her husband Tim went with them to the hospital, as Paul’s blood group was similar to Tim. They repeatedly asked doctors that whether or not the operation will remain safe.

Doctors repeatedly assured them that there is no danger to Paul as well as to Tim, as they have conducted a lot many operations like this. Operation started with the hope that Tim will be able to live, and there was not even a single thought in the minds of both the women that anything could happen to Paul.

Both prayed to God for health of both the men. However, none of the wishes came true as Tim lost his life within a year of transplant and Paul lost his life at that day only. Lorraine said, “We walked into the hospital a married couple, and I left the hospital at the end of the day as they loaded my husband onto the coroner’s truck”, says Lorraine, who has hired a lawyer and plans to file a lawsuit against the hospital”. Lorraine is now filing a lawsuit against the hospital.


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