Habit Makes a Man Perfect

power-of-HabitIt has been recently revealed in a report that the book ‘power of Habit’ written by Charles Duhhig has become a great trendsetter for the people and it has been able to influence many people who have read it.

The day to day activities that a person does in life, such as brushing teeth, to taking a walk, are the daily routine habit of a person. One might tend to think that they are actually decision that a person makes each day, but in reality they are just habits of a person.

A research is of the view that about 40% of the actions of a person each day are habits, and one tends to do them even subconsciously. It was further added that even though individually, these baits might not sum up to much, but eventually even smallest parts of one’s habits such as saving, or spending, exercising, smoking or drinking and so on, tend to have a huge impact on one’s life.

It was further added that simple habits that form over the years can tend to determine the course of life of a person. A simple choice of making a habit of eating healthy food and exercising will take one a long way in life. This means that one’s life depends largely on the habits that one has. This makes it essential for one and all to make a conscious effort to lead a life with habits that can render positive value to one in the long run.

A person needs to master over time, the process of developing a positive habit, which will help in better results in due course of time and makes one a happier person.