Family History Plays Important Role In Determining Breast Cancer Risk

Family History Plays Important Role In Determining Breast Cancer RiskIt has been recently revealed in a report that any person’s family history plays a very important role in determining their risk of breast cancer. It is probably one of the most essential factors while determining one’s risk of breast cancer. This is why it becomes all the more important for women who have a history of the disease to be careful about taking all possible precautions of staying away from the disease.

There is dire need for efforts to be made for spreading more awareness among people about breast cancer. There is need for making them aware about the need for regular screenings that can help in the prevention of the disease, as well as help one to get treatment on time, if they are affected by breast cancer.

"Our study showed that the Gail Model over-estimated the risk of breast cancer among local women. This shows that methods used to predict risk of breast cancer in the West do not provide accurate estimates in our setting”, said Dr. Chay Wen Yee, one of the lead authors of the study.

It was further added by another researcher, Dr. Tan Min-Han, a cancer geneticist and medical oncologist that these findings are of the view that there is need for more efforts to be made even by the doctors, to focus on the family history of the patients to be able to find out better if they are at a risk of cancer in the time to come. This needs to be done as it is a much simpler way of finding out whether they are affected by the disease or not.

It might be one of the most easily available parameter to find out whether one is at a risk of the disease in the near future.


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