Australia Witnesses Rise in Dementia Patients

Australia Witnesses Rise in Dementia PatientsAs per a new report, being commissioned by the Department of Health and Ageing, it has been revealed that dementia is troubling Australians a lot. It has been revealed that every week 1,600 new cases of dementia are being diagnosed.

The report has warned that Australian care system is quite week when it comes to age old care. If the system is not improved with immediate effect, then there are most probable chances that dementia cases will get double in the next two decades.

As of now, there are 280,000 Australians who have been living with dementia. The number has increased due to negligence in care of people, who have been living with dementia. The report was based on the health of 1,000 elderly Australians who have been suffering from diabetes.

The Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler, said, ''It is clear from the feedback received through the conversations that the issues that continue to beset the provision of care for people with dementia have not been given the prominence they deserve in the debate about the quality of aged care”.

He further affirmed that the report clearly indicates that there are loopholes in the entire system and it also shows that the aged care system is not able to meet the demands of dementia sufferers.

The report has also revealed that the current system of age old care does not provide provision for keeping dementia patients at home with their family members for the longest time period. It has also been found that dementia patients have to wait for longer times and their community care packages are also not proper. All these and other things disrupt the care being provided to dementia patients.


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