A British Scientist Who Fathered 600 Children

A British Scientist Who Fathered 600 ChildrenIt has been recently revealed in a report that a British scientist has donated his sperms so many times that he is the father of as many as 600 children. This was by donating sperms at his own facility, when people came to him looking for ‘intelligent stock’ since he was a learned man.

It was revealed that the name of the scientist is Bertold Weisner and has donated sperms to couples from different social groups and classes. It was further added that this wife had destroyed the records of his donations, so that thee couldn’t be any links fond onto whom he donated sperms to and how many offspring resulted due to the same.

There was, however, a research done by two men, who were born via IVF, and it was found that in the period of 1940-60, there were about 2/3rd donations made by Weisner.

It was revealed by David Gollancz, one of the biological sons of the donor scientist that he must’ve made about 20 donations each year, which means he must’ve fathered about 300-600 children.

It was revealed by Gollancz a barrister, that it was an uncomfortable feeling at first, thinking about the fact that artificial insemination was used at that time as an industrial way of breeding cattle.

“But meeting the half siblings that I have tracked down has been a very life-enriching experience. This does make it frustrating too, because I know there are all those other siblings out there who I don’t know but would really like to meet”, he said further.

This throws light on one of the most growing trends these days. There are many me and women who donate their sperms and eggs, in order to be able to help others in need, while making money as well.


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