Patients Receive Needless Health Care

Health-CareIt has been found through a report recently that noticing unnecessary health care being given to patients, a campaign dubbed ‘Choosing Wisely’ has been organized by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation.

As per the report, the campaign aims to find out what kind of care is actually needed by a patient with a certain disease or condition. In order to ensure that appropriate care is given at correct time, the physicians have been collectively working with patients.

The group comprised of nine leading physician specialty societies has unfolded some lists, including procedures and tests that are often offered to patients, when they actually do not need those, says the report.

The effort has highlighted the need for a conversation between physicians and patients. As per the campaign organizers, the aim is to help patients to choose a care that has evidence as well as the one which is harmless and really needed.

It has been discovered that unnecessary tests have been costing an average of $200 billion to $250 billion each year in the US. Chuck Moran, Media Relations Director for the Pennsylvania Medical Society, said in the context, "If we don't as a community collectively address this cost issue, then there's a whole lot of people that aren't going to get the care they need".


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