Charleston Thug Life Suspects Juicee as a Supposed Thug

Charleston-Thug-LifeIt has been revealed in a new report that Charleston Thug Life has profiled another supposed thug named Bigg Freedro Juicee on Facebook.

As per the findings of the report, since its debut on March 31, ‘Charleston Thug Life’ has been profiling supposed hoodlums by using screen grabs from Facebook pages. The aim is to turn the personalized words and images of their subjects against that of purported thugs.

It has been found that it has caught two dozens of them until now. The report says that street pharmesis Bigg Freedro Juicee, 19, from Goose Creek, has recently been profiled for his picture with arsenal of guns and a fat bundle of Benjamins.

Although his face is not very photogenic, his eye-catching image over his facebook page that shows $100 bills and gang signs has raised doubts of him being a gangster.

The blog, as per the report, has grabbed attention of not only his friends, but of police. It has even raised concerns amongst the community that it might be causing racial tensions.

It is being said that his original identity is still to be spotted as he has not listed his real name on his page.


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