Treatment for Sleep and Metabolic Disorders Will Be Developed Soon

SleepA new study has proposed that soon the sleeping disorders and metabolic disorders will be treatable. A team of scientists has been able to determine the major element that guides the body regarding the sleep and metabolisation of food.

The team from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, analyzed the nucleus of the mouse cells and found that it comprises of two type of stimulators or simply switches, known as REV-ERBa and REV-ERBß, which are actually responsible behind the normal sleeping, eating events and metabolic activities carried out by the mouse.

The findings suggested that there is a relation between the 24-hour cycle and the metabolic rates of the mouse. The study has even come up with new aspects that can help treat disorders related to both the above mentioned avenues.

Ronald M. Evans, a Professor in Salk’s Gene Expression Laboratory, who led the study, said “The findings have fundamentally changed our knowledge about the workings of the circadian clock and how it orchestrates our sleep-wake cycles, when we eat and even the times our bodies metabolize nutrients”.

He affirmed that if focus on the two nuclear switches is being made, there can be a way out to help prevent the disorders. He asserted that if such drugs are designed which specifically target the nuclear receptors, which are REV-ERBa and REV-ERBß, disorders related to sleep and metabolism, like diabetes can be treated.

It has been estimated that all those people who work in shifts, like nurses and other emergency personal are more prone to be affected by the diseases caused by metabolic and sleep disorders. The reason suggested that they don’t have a fixed time of sleeping or eating, they have to alter their timings according to their work shifts.

This study will prove out to be beneficiary to design drugs to treat people affected by sleep and metabolic disorders.


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