Reasons for Disturbed Sleep

Reasons for Disturbed SleepAs per a research being taken out a group of researchers at the Central Queensland University, it has been found that one can get peaceful sleep at the time when he sleeps alone. In order to reach at the above given solution, the study researchers conducted a survey of more than 13,000 people to know their sleeping patterns as well as of their partners.

The survey results revealed that out of the total number, 70% of the respondents were not able to have undisturbed sleep as their partner's sleep noises make it unable for them to sleep comfortably. In addition, it has also been found that other 35% partners were found to be suffering from their partners snoring habits, as well as due to their repeated bathroom visits and due to the habit of attending and making calls and checking emails at late hours in the night.

Some other reasons, which act as enemies to their undisturbed sleep are pets, noisy neighbors, traffic and rain. All these factors make it very difficult for them to give their 100% at work and this is the reason that many people take holidays from their jobs to have proper sleep.

The effects of disturbed sleep can be known through a person's attitude as he will remain irritated most of the times and will eventually develop dark circles under the eyes.

''What most people are doing is figuring out the minimum amount of sleep they can get by on. I suspect, like junk food, the short-term taste appeal often wins even if it isn't in your long-term best interest", said Professor Dawson. Dawson said that one of the important factors for disturbed sleep is change in shifts.


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