Royal Children's Hospital Collects Over $15 million

Royal Children's Hospital Collects Over $15 millionAs per reports, it has been found that Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital was able to raise $15,820,640.78 on the event of Good Friday. It has been found that the hospital has registered ground breaking sales and they have also broken all their previous records.

Last year, they were able to raise $15.1 million, but this time they have raised more than $15 million in the Good Friday Appeal. Retiring Executive Director Christine Unsworth was of the view that they are quite happy to see that Victorians have been fulfilling their moral duties with such vigor.

Unsworth further affirmed that it is not the first time that Victorians have surprised them, as the event has been into practice since 1930 and every time, Victorians make sure that they do their best to help children.

"Victorians and Australians are rightly very proud of the Royal Children's Hospital and the amazing work it does and this is reflected in their generosity", said Unsworth. She further affirmed that a lot of activities were being organized on the Easter as the Easter bunny spent whole day with children being admitted in the hospital.

Unsworth said that they made it highlight of the day as there were some children, who were unable to go home, so they made preparations that children enjoy their Easter. In addition, it has also been found that Unsworth took a part in the relay race, so that she can make sure that the hospital is able to achieve their set targets.

Unsworth said that the raised amount will be used to fund the state-of-the art medical equipment, research and to provide scholarships. A lot many schools organized funding events for neo-natal costs, which comes for $29,000 each.


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