Once a Browser King, IE Now Fighting for Supremacy

Once a Browser King, IE Now Fighting for SupremacyMicrosoft’s Internet Explorer has been reeling under a lot of competition in the browser market, with its market share decreasing day by day. It is getting tough competition from Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Norway’s Opera. At one time, it was the reigning champion of the browser market, but now it is barely holding on to the bandwagon of other browsers as it loses it place at the top. It the recent time, it has been battered with lackluster performance and nagging compatibility issues with web standards. Just because it comes as a default with Windows operating system, there are some takers for it.

In 1997 when IE4 was released, the browser has a market share of 30% which went up to 60% by the time iE5 was launched in 1999 and then 70% in 2000. In 2001, after the release of IE6, it boasted of its supremacy with 95% share crowning itself as the undisputed Browser King.

But since then, it has been seeing a dip in its share as other more powerful browsers entered the market. Within eight years, IE’s market declined from 95% to around 50%. Nowadays it is under a lot of pressure from Chrome as well as Firefox, which are eyeing the top spot.


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