Mysteries behind Morphine Unveiled

Mysteries behind Morphine UnveiledLong time ago, a group of scientist claimed of having found a way of treating agonizing pain. The treatment was named morphine. Since the introduction of the drug, morphine, many patients have been provided with relief from pain.

When morphine was introduced, it was revealed that the drug could cause some side effects. However, it was not informed as to how the magical drug works. Recently, the mysteries behind the drug have been unveiled by the researchers of Colorado University and Adelaide University.

The researchers have informed that the drug causes inflammatory response in the brain and thus provides relief from the pain. The lead author of the study, Dr. Mark Hutchinson, was reported as saying: “Because morphine is considered to be such an important drug in the management of moderate to severe pain in patients’ right around the world, we believe these results will have far-reaching benefits”.

The researchers conducted a small experiment on mice with the aim of gauging the method by which morphine works. During the experiment, the researchers found that inflammatory response from morphine is caused by classical opioid receptors.

The researchers further noted that if the classical opioid receptors are by any chance is disrupted then it may cause hindrance for morphine to work effectively. The researchers are of the view that their findings would help in developing future pain relievers.

It is for the very first time when mysteries behind the pain reliever, morphine have been unveiled. Further studies would be conducted to gauge the pros and cons of consuming pain relievers. The recent findings have surprised the medical experts as they didn’t have any clue as to how the drug actually worked. Studies over morphine would continue to take place.


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