Scientists Recommend Tai Chi For Sound Health

Tai-ChiScientists have adjudicated the ancient martial art of Tai Chi to be beneficial for the health of Elderly people. During their research, they found that older people, who performed the traditional Chinese mind and body technique regularly, were very less likely to suffer high blood pressure and were physically stronger. According to them, this type of martial art should be considered the preferred technique for elderly in order to maintain good health.

Tai Chi has grown a lot in popularity throughout the world. It is basically a slow coordination of mind and body to bring out the inner forces and reach a state of mental calm and clarity. It is a belief that by putting the center of attention of mind on slow movements, a person can come to peace with the surroundings.

The study showed that Tai Chi has a significant effect on expansion and contraction of arteries, which is an indicator of good cardio health. They came to this conclusion after observing 65 elderly subjects from Hong Kong, who practiced Tai Chi for 90 minutes a week over a period of three years. The results that emerged showed that the Tai Chi subjects had better physical as well as mental health.


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