Apple Macs Infected with Flashback Trojan, Reveals Dr. Web

Apple Macs Infected with Flashback Trojan, Reveals Dr. WebRecently, a Russian antivirus company, Dr. Web, has reported that about 600,000 Apple Macs are infected with Flashback Trojan. Half of the total 600,000 Apple Macs are believed to be in the US. It has further been informed that infected computers are present in Canada, the UK and Australia.

However, in the US, 274 infected devices are believed to be in Cupertino and California, Apple’s hometown. It has been informed that the computer systems get infected when the user of it is redirected to a bogus site.

Flashback Trojan was discovered about six months ago. Earlier, it was believed that the Flashback Trojan attacks only Java installations. However, the recent version of it is capable of attacking all the up to date versions.

It is believed that the new version of Flashback Trojan has been created just few weeks back. Apple has not yet responded over the case. Chester Wisniewski, from security firm Sophos, has raised questions over the willingness of Apple in ensuring the safety of the computers. Chester Wisniewski said, “This does make you wonder whether Apple takes security as seriously as it should… Why Apple did not deploy these fixes before Mac users were victimized by criminals is unclear”.


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