Rare Gene Mutations are a cause of Autism

Rare Gene Mutations are a cause of AutismAutism has been a concern for many patients throughout the globe. There have been a lot of studies on this matter to identify the cause of this disease. Every year there are a lot of children that develop this disease, which eventually affect their lives as well as that of their parents.

Now for the first time, a team of scientists have come out with some answer on the occurrence of this disease. According to them they have identified some gene mutations that have a direct effect on the chances of a child being autistic. The occurrence of these gene mutation increases the chance of the child developing autism. Moreover, the risks increases with the age of parents, particularly in fathers over age 35.

Although these gene mutations are very rare and account for a tiny fraction of cases of autism, their occurrence sure gives a big possibility of child being autistic. Till date there was no base in front of scientists to have some insight to autism and this research surely gives them some strong starting point. There has been a constant debate on the hereditary influence and environmental factors leading to autism, which have also been discussed in these report.

But even after all this there is no reliable way to fully identify the underlying genetics of this disorder. There diseases are being diagnosed at at alarming rate with new cases surfacing every now and then. The Government estimates that every one child out of 88 children is diagnosed from this disorder.

There are thousands possible gene mutations that can lead up to this disorder, which is why biologists had a huge hurdle in front of them. Although this is not a breakthrough, as much of it was already known, it surely has given a starting point to many scientists to further carry on their studies.