Agenda Introduced To Help Fight the Battle against Diabetes

Agenda Introduced To Help Fight the Battle against DiabetesAs per recent reports, it has been declared that the demand for extensive and influential approach to fight against the rapidly increasing epidemic and diabetes has been put forth.

The Diabetes Australia, as a result, has proposed that it will be calling out people above the age of 40 annually for testing diabetes. Moreover, the plan will include education regarding the disease at the school level and the students will even be acknowledged of the diet, they should be undertaking to avoid such a situation.

According to the statistics provided by the organization emphasized that if no changes are brought forward to decline the rate of this disease, then in the coming 20 years, it will affect more than double to 3.5 million Australians.

The present records show that about 275 people are affected by diabetes every day. The current rate is well enough to cripple our hospital system.

If such a case is administered, then in coming futures even the hospital systems will even have to be changed, as already due to this disease 32% of hospital admissions that can be prevented are administered.

Analyzing all the consequences, the Diabetes Australia has put forward an agenda, which is a part of the Medicare rebate, before the federal government. The agenda is divided into three parts, and the three parts will lay emphasis on:

Firstly, the involvement of the young generation and creating awareness amongst them regarding the disease; secondly, the undiagnosed patients and thirdly, by bringing up proper care and facilities for all those diagnosed with the disease.

The Diabetes Australia Victoria Chief Executive, Greg Johnson, said, “Australians needed more knowledge on the seriousness of the diabetes and the ways the illness can be prevented”.

Moreover, he has requested for funds to raise specialized diabetic centers and 12 annual allied health visits.


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