Healthy and Ailing Residents Were Kept Together

Healthy and Ailing Residents Were Kept TogetherAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that healthy residents in a Donegal-based nursing home located at the nucleus of a massive and heavily critical flu outbreak, were not kept in seclusion from other infected people till the time the Health Service Executive was summoned up.

The HSE was summoned up at Nazareth House nursing home which is located in Fahan, near Buncrana, earlier during the last Sunday eve following an incident in which as many as five elderly residents succumbed to death due to the flu. In addition, it has been said that a sixth person died due to the same on the next day.

In this regard, the National Virus Reference Laboratory carried out a number of tests and on the basis of their results it verified the fact that the illness was nothing else but the potentially severe strain of `Influenza A' (H3).

While expressing his opinion in this regard, along with mentioning what all pros and cons can be expected due to it in the time to follow, the director of public health for HSE North West, Dr Peter Wright, said that the practice of HSE was aimed at separating the "cohort group" from healthy people and therefore it had been possible only after they were summoned up at the nursing home. "This is an extremely upsetting time for the families of the deceased and we continue to provide the residents at Nazareth nursing home with the highest standard of care", he further added.

The HSE, in the meantime, deployed a unit of doctors, nurses as well as various surveillance experts to the nursing home. The aim of the team was focused on controlling and managing the situation to good effect and for putting all suitable treatment and control approaches in place.


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