Wii U Launch Date Leaked

Wii-UAs per reported information, it has been revealed that in case the world doesn’t end, as per speculations and rumors airing since long, ahead of the roll around as the holiday shopping of 2012, it seems like there will be a very good chance for us to witness and admire the all new Nintendo Wii U on Sunday, November 18.

The date has been plucked from an email by WiiUDaily. As per the company officials, the mail was sent by Media Land, a Japanese retailer, to its employees. As per the email, the Japanese inauguration of Nintendo Wii U is set to take place a week later on Sunday, November 25. The email is seemingly silent when it comes to the release date in other nations.

Nintendo, as per reports, has claimed that it is planning to launch the Wii U all over the world during the fourth quarter of the year in progress, but it seems like we will not be getting any kind of formal date of release from the horse’s mouth till the release of E3 takes place during the coming June. Companies generally like popping things like the dates of their releases of major products, services and gadgets at dog-and-pony shows. E3, as per the best of expectations, will be surely fitting that bill.

Of course, it needs no dual thought that November lines up with a flurry of expectations in any case, but then August or October are no bad for entertaining thought and keeping expectations high. Are they?

Other point which still walks in favor of November is the US launch of Wii which was rolled out in the nation way back in 2006, on November 19.


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