Britain’s Construction Sector Registers Growth

Britain’s Construction Sector Registers Growth As per a survey being taken out by Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, it has been revealed that Britain’s construction sector is performing extremely well. The survey has found that the fastest expansion in the sector has been seen since June 2010.

Chris Williamson, who is chief economist at Markit, was of the view that it is great news for the country, as sector’s excellent performance has saved the economy to slip into the whirlpool of recession. The survey further revealed that Britain's housing, commercial and civil engineering sectors has increased from 54.3% to 56.7%.

"The good weather appears to have led to a surge in demand for construction projects in March, adding to the recent flow of good news”, said Williamson. He further affirmed that there are many big projects being lined up for the year end, and it is the only reason of concern, as any delay can make the country face recession.

It has been found that Britain's construction sector makes up 8% of the country’s economy, and if the sector keeps on registering growth like this, then the country will not only be saved from recession. But it will also provide job opportunities to people.


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