Microsoft’s IE: Front Runner Among The Browsers

 Front Runner Among The BrowsersInternet has become second life for a lot of people these days. Millions and trillions of people use Internet these days with the help of a large number of Internet browsers, and Microsoft’s internet explorer is among one of them. People have become really fond of using Microsoft’s internet explorer. According to the report of NetApplications, a measurement firm, Microsoft’s IE browser has struck back again with a net gain of 1.2 % of the total net share around the world in the past five months.

The competition was among Firefox, which has a share of 20.55 % and other browsers. Sources confirmed that Google’s chrome has 18.57 % of the total share and Safari has 5.07 % and Opera is the fifth among all of them, with a share of 1.62 % and other web browsers have shared the remaining 0.36 %.

The company told media that “With a gain of .99 percent last month and a net gain of 1.2 percent global usage share over the last five months, Internet Explorer has stabilized and even reversed its usage share declines of the last few years”.

Microsoft’s IE has gained a lot of popularity in the past five months and people have become fond of this browser due to its user-friendliness.


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